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Gas Dispenser Pump


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CNG dispenser is a kind of devices to fill compressed natural gas into vehicles, just like the refueling machine at the ordinary gas stations. The standard compressed natural gas dispenser is mainly made up of chassis, computer measurement and control system, mass flow meter, solenoid valve, pipeline and gas filling gun etc. Dispenser is equipped with single gun or double guns.The CNG dispensers with two nozzles and three lines are especially used for public CNG standard refueling stations. This high quality standard model CNG dispenser is safe and easy to operate. Imported original mass flow meter and gas filling hose are used to ensure accurate measurement and high safety. Only professional or trained staffs are allowed to operate the compressed natural gas dispensers.

1. There is no accuracy loss during the process of transforming quality pulse to volume display.
2. LCD screen has a wide applicable temperature range, with low power consumption.
3. LCD lights show data clearly even in dark ambient
4. The standard model CNG dispenser can still work 1 hour in the case of unexpected power off during the process of gas filling.
5. 8000 times of gas filling can be recorded and stored more than 10 years.
6. Accumulated amounts and unit price can be stored more than 10 years in memory.
7. Contactless IC card can be used for staff management.
8. Various operations can be directly carried out on the keypad, including density setting, unit price setting and mass flow meter parameters. 
9. The keypad can be disabled in the process of refilling.
9. The compressed natural gas dispenser is equipped with password protection. 
10.The power supply is installed in a single explosion-proof box which is separated from operation components and control components.
11.Single and Dual Hose Designs.

Main Technical Parameter: 
Direct charging: Real-time station information monitoring
Power failure display and storage: Direct control
Double-sided LCD display: Message sending
Reset function: Supper capacity storage 
Manual emergency shutdown of valves: Data cache 
Break-away safety protection: Data query, report generation and printing 
Overpressure and overcurrent protection: Gas filling curve generation 
Parameter setting: Data backup restoration
Quantifiable gas filling: Card-machine interlocking
Storage, management, and query of supper capacity data: Supporting prepaid card 
Pressure relief and sewage disposal protection: Loss reporting and canceling 
Tax-control function: Card locking and automatic unlocking
Gas filling process monitoring: Card password protection
Three-line valve shutoff (not available for single line inlet gas dispensers): 
Various types of gas filling card and client unit price integration
IC card and central management system: Display of card related information
Gas filling information collection:Receipt printing

If you have any specific requirements for a cng column please feel free to contact us with your query. 
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